Princess of Kethencio, betrothed before birth to Coverdale the Wilden.


Hemera Calliope Thalia Alecto de Clare, or Mera, as she preferes to be called, is the twin sister of Nyx Tisiphone Aglaea Erato de Clare, but younger by a matter of minutes. Those minutes have made a great deal of difference in her life.

Nyx was always good at everything, Mera not so much. Ladylike pursuits always struck her as confining and terribly boring. Whenever possible she would slip out of the stifling schoolroom and into the woods. As a child she learned to climb trees and rocks, run through the forest, swim in the streams. While there she met the Wilden and became close friends with many of them, learning to speak Elven and shoot a bow. She was the quintessential tomboy with scars on her knees, ripped dresses covered in mud, and a secret stash of boys clothing. Even her father was in on it, occasionally slipping away with his daughter to teach her things he would have taught a son had he ever had one. This was kept strictly secret from Mera’s prim and proper mother.

Before her birth, Mera was betrothed to a Wilden in order to fulfill an ancient compact between the two races. Her husband had been selected for her and she would marry on her 18th birthday. She would reside in the castle for six months of every year and follow affairs of state since she was second in the line of succession. Mera was incensed. Although she found the idea of marrying a Wilden far more palatable than the idea of marrying any of the “noble” boys in the area, sticking around this bloody valley for the rest of her life waiting for her sister (and best friend) to off it was just morbid. Besides, since childhood Mera had nursed the secret desire to leave the valley.

She questioned every Wilden she met about Chaota and she has begun making plans to run off to the wood and look for her. She is nearly ready to leave, she’s just trying to figure out a way to do it without having Nyx follow her.

Nyx and Mera are extremely close. Though they are polar opposites in many ways, they are entirely devoted to one another. Mera knows that the wild is no place for Nyx and knows that her sister will be happy to be queen one day. But Mera can’t tolerate the limitations of the valley for much longer and so is just looking for an opportunity to leave.


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