Nyx Tisiphone Aglaea Erato de Clare, crown princess of Kethencio.


Nyx and her twin sister Mera were destined for great things. Twins had always been a rare event in the valley. It had happened only two other times in the entire recorded history, and only one set had been identical. In addition to this exciting event, they were born into the Royal family in the blessed generation destined to fulfill their family’s long-held pact with the Wilden.

Because the King and Queen were blessed with twin daughters, they were able to appoint the first-born, Nyx, as the Crown Princess; she would rule after her parents’ death. Mera, the second-born, would fulfill the marriage pact with the Wilden, which symbolized the peace and friendship between their people.

When they were younger, Nyx would sometimes run after Mera on her romps in the forest and field. Though Nyx didn’t desire adventure in the same way her sister did, she was terrified of being too far away from Mera for too long. As they grew older and their studies became more important, the twins’ paths diverged a bit more during the daylight hours. Where Nyx took to her studies quite readily, obediently following the instruction of her parents and instructors, Meta was constantly disappearing into the woods to explore.

Nyx felt her parents sometimes allowed her sister’s tomboyish behavior because Mera would ultimately marry into the line of Wilden folk living the the forest. Nyx knew her sister would be furious to think that her forays into the woods were actually a part of being trained for her ultimate duty, so she kept her opinions on that score to herself. This is why, though she fretted about it (it was difficult to have Mera far from her side), Nyx didn’t run off after her sister too often after they became teenagers. Instead, she lived for the library, absorbing as much knowledge as she could.

When the twins became 17, their parents told them that a suitable Wilden male had been chosen as Mera’s husband and that she was to be wed on their 18th birthday. Nyx thought Mera would be at least a little pleased. After all, the Wilden were the highlight of Mera’s days in the forest—and she had even known her suitor for many years! However, Mera acted in quite the opposite fashion, not wanting to be married at all. Nyx didn’t know why her sister was so surprised. Then again, if she had actually payed attention during their history lessons, Mera would have known she would fulfill the pact and marry a Wilden at the age of 18.

Nyx was also expected to marry soon, and her parents had been hinting around possible suitors for her ever since they announced Mera’s betrothal. It wasn’t that Nyx didn’t want to get married. She knew it was her duty. She just had never been particularly interested in men, outside of the scholars who taught her. There was a boy she met sometimes—in the library, who sometimes brought her interesting books to read. He was quiet, and because an accident had happened to his parents when he was young, everyone felt quite sorry for him. She knew it was because of this that her parents wouldn’t necessarily approve of her marriage to him. So without any other promising options, she kept hedging around the conversation, hoping to avoid it for at least a little longer.


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