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The planes are said to be infinite, so it would be impossible to record all of the names and descriptions of cities, realms, and sites found on the planes. Below are some of the places that the party has traveled to in their journeys, and some of the individuals they’ve met along the way.


  • Outer Planes
    • Sigil
      • Clerk’s Ward
        • Civic Festhall (Sensate)
        • Hall of Records (Fated)
        • Hall of Speakers (Sign of One)
      • Guildhall & Market Ward
      • The Lady’s Ward
      • Lower Ward
        • Great Foundry (Believers of the Source)
        • Shattered Temple (Athar)
      • The Hive (Ward)
        • The Gatehouse (Bleak Cabal)
        • The Hive (Xaositects)
        • The Mortuary (Dustmen)
      • Various Anarchist safe houses (Revolutionary League)


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