The Black Sun

A tavern that caters to discretion and privacy, the Black Sun services those who want to broker deals, discuss terms of contracts, and otherwise take care of their business without witnesses or questions. The entrance to the tavern is an unmarked door in a narrow street. The bouncer, a minotaur named Lod, stands surreptitiously in an alcove.

Inside, candles illuminate round tables in the otherwise dimly-lit room. Along the sides of the room, booths with partitions offer even more privacy. Against the back wall, a long bar of a dark mahogany wood is lined with bottles and casks of wines, ales, and other beverages. Next to the bar, a small stove is used exclusively to brew kaf, a dark bitter drink served in small cups.

The owner of the Black Sun is Olena, a middle-aged woman with dark eyes and olive skin. She protects her customers’ privacy and identities, and they in turn ensure that the bar is civil and warn her of Harmonium searches.

In the back, narrow hallways wind lead to small rooms reserved for the highest security-minded individuals. There are rumors that secret passageways are concealed within these back rooms.

  • Dmetris uses the Black Sun often as a meeting place for business.

The Black Sun

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